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What’s Wrong With Jenna Jameson?

From a blog:

Oh, Jenna Jenna Jenna. I thought we understood each other here. I noted how frightened I was with your transformation from hot, sweet, girl-next-door sexpot to … puffy-mouth, bony-thing, and you said nothing. That lead me to believe you’d thought hard about it, and despite all your recent hardships, you were going to give eating and avoiding the plastic surgeon a go and surprise me, but no. Look at you. Why do you look exactly like that skeleton that stared back at me in my Biology class in 10th grade? And why does your mouth look like it’s allergic to everything? And please stay away from these Heatherette kooks and David LaChapelle. They’re clearly trying to turn you into (NSFW) Amanda Lepore Jr. and that’s not good for anyone. Just to punish you, I’m putting half your DVDs in a closet and will refuse to watch them until you get better. Yeah, it’s just me and the 350 DVDs I have left. Tough love, honey.

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