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What’s Your Favorite Position?

NL- I’ve always preferred two that aren’t mentioned. Either both standing, with the guy behind the girl, like on a balcony both looking down on the people below while fucking. I call that the voyeur position, OR Spooning in bed, which I call the lazy position, lol) Quizzes Americans on Favorite Sex Position

America’s most trusted source for adult products, is pleased to present the  latest findings in its 2012 “Great American Sex Survey,” and this month’s
results focus on sexual positions!

Of the 1,000 American adults asked to choose their favorite erotic positions,  36% chose “female on top,” nearly 33% chose “missionary,” and 20% said they
preferred “rear entry.”
  (NL-Rear Entry, hmmm, does that mean doggy style? or anal sex? lol)

Adam & Eve’s resident sex expert, Dr. Kat Van Kirk, finds these results encouraging. “I’m pleased to see that so many adults prefer the ‘woman on top’
position, because it provides increased intimacy while placing the female in control,” says Dr. Kat. “Part of a healthy sexual relationship is being able to
both show and tell what you enjoy.”

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