When did it become okay to punch a girl in the stomach?

People in the industry love to talk about how porn empowers females, but in light of the previous rape allegations against James Deen, the abuse on set that took place with Tony T and Nikki Benz, recent allegations against Riley Reynolds from Hussie Models for drugging and holding a performer hostage, and the sexual assault that Sonny Nash recently did on a female performer — you have to really wonder just how empowering porn has become for females.

Ten years ago, when Vivid was shining bright, I really think it was different. Sure you’d hear the occasional story of  some dick but the word got out quickly about him and then we all went about our business.

I think a big problem is that people have a short memory. They quickly forget things like the fact that Mr. Marcus is the man who faked his STD test and infected countless performers with syphilis. Now he’s running around doing scenes again for his own production company.

Mr. Marcus - Mr. Syphilis


I don’t know if it’s just that people forget or if that we have such a high turnover and with so many fresh faces coming in the industry day in and day out, they aren’t aware of the history of some of these people.

There is a girl who went to shoot for a company about a year ago. She was new to the industry and her agent didn’t tell her that the owner of the company was HIV positive. She gets on set and sure enough, he starts to stick his fingers in her pussy and her ass. This is a man who is HIV positive, and the girl had no clue.

When did we stop respecting the female performers and start treating them like garbage we can throw away?

Yhivi a performer who is now retired tweeted this just tonight. I think it speaks volumes about the problem.

Performers should be treated with respect – and if you can’t treat the girls in our industry with respect then you need to go find another industry to work in because without these girls not a single damn one of us would have a job.

We should be protecting them from predators, not turning a blind eye.

Read carefully the story of Sonny Nash and what he did on the set to on female performer. That the man isn’t in jail blows my mind and even worse, that his agent, Society 15 and Kendra Lust (a female performer herself) still works with him is even worse.

Look at what some dick head did today on set to a female.

The women in our industry deserve respect if for no other reason than without them, you’ll have to go get a real job.

Just remember that the next time you have any dealings with a porn star.

She’s your meal ticket — time to protect it.


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