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When Did Rob Spallone Start Using ‘Bro’?

I thought Chuck Martino had trademarked that term.

Or maybe Rob’s just talking differently to me these days now that I’m outside the circle of trust.

I call Rob Monday afternoon.

Luke: “Aren’t you in Vegas?”

Rob: “I’m back, bro. I’m going again tonight for the dancers’ convention.”

Luke: “Why?”

Rob: “To pick up hookers.”

Luke: “Why?”

Rob: “For the agency, bro.”

Luke: “Any scoop?”

Rob: “Nothing cooking this second, bro.”

Luke: “How’s Lea treating you?”

Rob: “Not too good. We have to beat her to death. Maybe have her stay with you for a while. You’ll straighten her out.”

Luke: “I’ll whip her into shape.”

“What did you do this weekend?”

Rob: “Had a little barbeque yesterday at the house. Friday night I went out and had a few cocktails. Saturday I was hungover from Friday. I’m drinking too much.”

Luke: “Did you have sex with people that you regret later?”

Rob: “Sometimes. Only when they’re fat and smelly.”

Luke: “So who’s your number one girl?”

Rob: “You.”

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