When Pornstars Cry…

Whether you’re the biggest porn nerd or not, you’ve probably found a way to make fun of porn’s cheesy music, and laugh at how terrible pornstar actors are. With the notable exception of James Deen, because we all know he can stay in a role for life… remember those lemon stealing whores? I guess he’s trying to live up to his borrowed name sake.

Nonetheless, pornstars are hilarious when it comes to trying to act genuine… which might be why they rely on their swanky music. Some porn stars claim that they can really act, and that’s when we get great videos like “Porn Stars Attempt To Fake Cry On Demand”

Some moments are great, especially when they are finally given lines to go along with their fake crying. We think they should stick to making real life sex partners question the validity of their partner’s orgasm.

Pornstars are skilled in a variety of other ways, however, and after seeing the many posts on porn star makeup, it’s probably a good thing they’re not crying in videos because really… who would want to ruin that level of perfection?

PS: laughing behind your hand only counts as fake crying if we can’t see your smile.

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