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When Rob Rotten Ran Into Flick Shagwell

When I was on set June 13, I overheard Flick Shagwell talking about her ruptured implant. She seemed upset and desperate. I was half asleep and not listening too well, but now that I’ve talked to other sources, I believe the story is this:

About two months ago on a Metro set, director Rob Rotten ran into (or was playing rough with) Flick Shagwell, his make-up girl.

About a month later, Flick claimed that Rob had ruptured her implant. She wanted $9,000 to repair it. Then she lowered her claim to $3,000.

Rob did not know whether to pay it. He was not convinced that he had injured her implant.

Flick has not filed a claim with Metro over the incident.

Here’s my June 13 interview with Flick Shagwell.

Flick: “I loved being a kid and I hated growing up.”

“I wanted to be a make-up artist. And that’s what I do.”

In high school, Flick “was quiet, shy, polite.”

She got all her tattoos this year from a friend. “I wanted them for a year. I make myself wait to do anything because I’m impulsive.”

“I got into porn really slowly. I started doing phone sex. It was really bad. When people were pervy, I wanted to tell them off and tell them how disgusting they were.”

“They had a website. They said, ‘Maybe you’d be better off not talking.’ It paid about $300 a night.”

This was 1997.

“I tried it and it was easy. You just typed to them.”

“I started doing porn with a girl named Anna. She went crazy.”

Flick did her first hardcore scene in 1998 and her last one in December 2003. “I loved it at the beginning. I was shy and I found it liberating. I became comfortable with my body and my sexuality. Towards the end, I started hating it. I was pushing my body. The industry was going so hardcore I was pushing myself to do stuff that wasn’t for me.”

She got her first breast job 30 months ago. “It was one of the impulsive things I did. It was a horrible boob job.”

Then Flick had them done again last July.

“I feel really comfortable here [in porn]. It’s hard to leave.”

“I did everything even though I am personally not attracted to black guys. I had sex for money. I had sex with whoever whenever.”

“I don’t put up with guys who are insecure. Almost all the guys I’ve dated have been assholes from the East Coast.”

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