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When someone says they want to sue me..

They should probably read this excellent article Bloggers, Protect Thyself (From Libel Lawsuits) And The Future Of Journalism by Rachel Kaufman

Here are a couple excerpts-

“What this means is that if a professional blogger or professional journalist is republishing online third-party content, they’re not liable for that publication. When I get e-mail from somebody and they tell me it’s fine to post it on my blog, if I cut and paste that e-mail on my blog, and it has defamatory content, I believe I’m protected under Section 230 [even though I made the choice to post the content]. This is totally counterintuitive, but [Congress] wanted to protect those editorial judgment calls.

Don’t get SLAPPed.
“Anti-SLAPP [Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation] laws are another friend of the professional blogger because they help provide some cover for someone who decides to bring a lawsuit that was not based on legitimate concerns…if the judge decides the lawsuit was a SLAPP, the person who was sued gets their attorney’s fees covered.

“About 30 states have adopted anti-SLAPP laws, and they’re not uniform. Some are narrowly drafted. They protect only people who are trying to redress government wrongs. In other states, they’re drafted a little more broadly. In California, any publication that relates to some matter of public concern might be eligible for anti-SLAPP protection.

“A blogger was posting criticisms of a publicly traded company; the blogger was sued and the case was dismissed on anti-SLAPP laws. [GTX Vs. Left]

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