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When Will Sunny Lane Do A Black Guy?

Sunny calls me back Tuesday evening.

“I’ve had my fun outside of work,” says Sunny. “I haven’t done that on camera yet. When the right price is available… Less is more. Timing is everything. You never know what can happen.”

“How do you feel about the interracial with me?”

“I don’t have an opinion.”

“You have an opinion on everything.”

Luke: “Sex is such a personal act, if people don’t feel comfortable with it, they shouldn’t be pushed to… It’s too controversial. I don’t have an opinion.”

Sunny: “I love everybody. I get along with everybody. We have a great time because we’re all professionals.”

“What performer would you like to see me with?”

Luke: “I don’t have a preference.”

Sunny: “Put those questions out there to see what people will say.”

“I’ve been learning and growing in this business and only doing 80 films.”

“I’ve been traveling everywhere. I’ve been feature dancing for the Lee Network.”

“I’ve got my own show on every Wednesday night from 8-9 p.m. I’m looking for a co-host.”

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