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When Will The Ladies Stop The Use Of The ‘W’ Word?

Fundo posts to ADT:

Female performers have alot more power in this business than they know–they should not appear in movies made by producers who refer to them as whores–it’s an ugly word, it’s full of hate, and it isn’t cool.

“Ass Blasting Felching Anal Whores”–that’s the name of Jim Power’s newest release. And they call this the “adult” business. These stupid names are so uncool. But Jim Powers sounds even stupider–I’m sick and tired of ugly male producers calling these beautiful female performers “whores.”

Jim Powers: “Then one day I slipped and hit my head while I was standing on my toilet to hang a clock,” recounts Powers, “The idea for making felching acceptable to the mainstream porn consumer, and perhaps more importantly to the whores who have to suck cum out of each others’ rancid assholes, came to me in a vision while I was passed out.

“We gave every whore a powerful (and neon bright) cleansing enema prior to the scene and captured the explosive and detoxifying expulsions on film for your viewing pleasure,” explains Powers, “I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. I can definitely guarantee that there was nothing ‘unsavory’ left in these girls’ colons after the cleaning. It will blow your mind.”

Performers, you should stop and consider how stupid it makes you look to appear in movies like this–look how this guy talks about you, calling you whores. Why can’t performers put these idiotic producers in their place–the rest of society has no problem doing it. I hope at least one xxx adult star will post that she agrees that some of these ugly little men making these movies need to have some respect for the ladies.

….This issue about producers abusing female talent first started boiling up in the 1990s with Max Hardcore’s product. I remember a friend who was going to enter the industry. She first talked to Jim South Sr. and she told him that she did not want to work with Max Hardcore–ever. So what happens next–my friend gets a call from Max Hardcore, and he tells her that he can help her career take off, and that he wants to work with her first. So my friend calls LA Direct Models and Derek tells her in substance that Jim South always lets Max Hardcore have first shot at any new talent. Fortunately for my friend, I had known about Max Hardcore since 1998. I remember his voice on the speakerphone–oh, he talked a good story about making my friend a star. She was very polite to him–and he called back numerous times.

What’s needed is a website that is available to new talent considering entering the adult industry. It could be structured like any FAQ. It will list the producers and companies who respect women–like Evil Angel, Vivid, Wicked, and those that don’t respect women. New talent is the lifeblood of the industry. If they can be reached, they can avoid the low-life women hater/producers.

80% of the performers working in 2009 will be women that have not even entered this business yet–so they can still be reached.

The website will discuss the various talent agencies–for instance, new talent considering World Modeling will be made aware that Jim South gives Max Hardcore first shot; that Derek at LA Direct expects talent to work hard and he will insult you–he’ll tell you’re boyfriend to get a job–that he is a real boss (many girls entering adult don’t want to be bossed); that Lighthouse and Gold Star are some of the best agencies, along with LA Direct (if you can stand having someone ordering you around) and a few others.

Advise them the best way to obtain a contract and to go straight to the best companies, meet them at the conventions, and don’t oversaturate yourself.

And female talent will have a place to speak out against those producers who try to blacklist them by posting at pornstar performance and here.

Escorts have a national database they can report bad “johns” to. The adult industry might benefit from a similar bad producer listing–if these guys are going to consider the new girls whores, then why not consider them johns, and put them in their place?

I think Luke and Gene and Mike South will link to the new site if it’s done right. So watch out all you producers who disrespect the beautiful women in the adult industry–the new talent entering the business will be made aware of you before they do their first scene.

Tricia Devereaux posts: “I used to be pretty offended by it. Some people say it TRYING to get a reaction out of others.
Today I have a problem more with people who have mean attitudes than about specific words that are used. Words don’t permanently injure someone.

My best friend uses the word ‘hooker’ as a term of endearment towards her good friends and in referring to herself, and she’s not a porn performer at all.”

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