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Where are they now? Eric Edwards Answers…


“Where Are They Now?”… an interesting concept that I am still contemplating. It’s actually very complementary that anyone still cares. To give the readers the latest news, I am still living in the mountains with my youngest son, who is still struggling to get through high school. My latest concepts for life in the future is to buy a motor home and drag myself and my son from campground to campground since I can’t bare the thought of playing Bingo with the blue-haired babes at a retirement home even though I’d probably get laid more there than in my entire career!

Seriously, though, I’m keeping tabs on my cancer, enjoying the summer crickets at night, and dreaming of past poetry when Love was special. Other than that, life goes on, and I’m looking forward to hitting the road in my RV to destinations unknown– one known destination being my older son whom I haven’t seen in 4 years because he found love and moved to Texas. Lucky him!
As far as the “biz” goes, I am officially retired. After 7 months of chemotherapy and constant follow-up doctor visits, I’m so out of tune with the new generation, I doubt many even remember who I was. Right now, I enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, the small town life where my name is the only one like it listed in the local phone book, I even know everyone’s name at our local pharmacy … Eric Edwards

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