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Where in the World is Helga Sven?

Klaus writes in with the following:

Hi Luke, I’m preparing a radio feature on nightclub singers and bar pianists. And that, alas, brings me to my subject. I’m sure You know the name Helga Sven aka Ursula or simply Helga. She was one of the famous, legendary adult stars in the eighties, in the Golden Age of Porn, appearing even as (mature) centerfold in Hustler (June 1985). She was also known as a singer and piano player, performing for example at the first XRCO award show in Hollywood on February 14, 1985. And also in her flicks she demonstrated her talent as a musician: She sang for example Frederick Hollaender’s “Backroom Boys” in Alex DeRenzy’s “Dirty Girls”, Norbert Schultze’s “Lilli Marlen” in “Blue Ice”, and was really wonderful in “Family Heat” singing and playing at the piano “All of me” and “The more I see You”, better than Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra or Doris Day!

So, I guess Helga Sven’s real profession beyond porn was nightclub singer and bar pianist. I’m writing “I guess” because Helga Sven is, at least for me, inaccessible like a phantom – remote, vage, mysterious. The “Common Sense”, to whom I count, doesn’t know anything for sure about her. What is her real name? What is her real nationality? Her exact year of birth? Her biography, beyond those great years in the mid of the eighties? Is she still alive? Telling the truth about Helga has become a kind of “kavanah” of my life.

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