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Where in the World is Holly Randall?

HI Holly,
    It’s been so long since I have talked to you. Hoping everything is good
and you are just really busy. I  posted an  story from your blog on Hope you don’t mind. Please let me know how you are doing  and what is new with you! Miss you!



Hey Cindi,

I am well, good to hear from you! I AM in fact very busy– the busiest I’ve ever been and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve always been really busy (lol how many times can I say “busy” in a sentence). In addition to shooting for and, I also freelance for Twistys, a new site called, and Digital Playground (in fact, I’m shooting Riley Steele on Tuesday, and I shot Stoya and Kayden Kross about a month ago). I also did my first shoot for a company called Quiver bookslast week. They put out those “How-To” sex guides that you see in Barnes and Noble and other mainstream bookstores. My project was “Spectacular Sex Moves He’ll Never Forget” so look for it in a couple of months, lol. ?

This morning I did a sunrise shoot with fetish pin-up model Vanessa Lakeat an abandoned oil refinery (4 AM call time ugh), and I’m shooting every single day this week until Friday. Then I fly to Europe June 13th– I’m shooting in Prague and Budapest, speaking at an entertainment convention
in Germany, and then staying with my husband’s family in the UK for a week. AND I’m planning on launching my fetish site sometime later this summer.

It’s been a little crazy– I have to admit I’ve only been getting 5-6 hours of a sleep a night (and I’m an 8-hour-a-night kind of girl), and I haven’t been exercising or eating properly either. I’ve made a promise to myself to hire an assistant full time when I return from Europe (right now I have someone working about 10 hours a week but it’s just not enough). Though I’m thrilled to be able to have so much work coming my way, I need to strike a better balance between work and play, and I need to engage in more self-care, so that’s my goal this summer. My husband and I are even trying to plan a vacation to Mexico in late October because I will not take time off of work unless you drag me out of the country, lol…

How are you doing? And yes, it’s fine that you put that blog up– I keep meaning to write another one but I just can’t find the time… a week off with my in-laws though should give me the free time I need to catch up on that…


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