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Where’s Wanker Wang?

He was questioned by the police after the death of his wife Haley Paige and then released.

I hear he’s holed up nearby.

Before Inkyo Volt Hwang went to King City, CA with Haley, he rented a car from Enterprise Rentacar. They are chasing down an associate of his because the car was never returned and is now 5 weeks overdue.

Kami Andrews writes on ADT: “she let me move in with her when my boyfriend was cheating on me, she bought me a barbie to cheer me up and we spent the night doing their hair. I left cash and pills and clothes around and she never touched any of my stuff. She smelled like vanilla. she never asked for anything and always took me to eat and picked me up for shoots. she was honestly innocent and trusting, i remember her telling me about a guy she was secretly dating when we were at the beach after I had moved out… and i realized i had given him a blow job off camera on set the week before when i was on his set, I was so upset, I didn’t know what to do. I never would have done that to her if I would have known. she was a good person and I believe she is at rest.”


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