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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Male performer Rod Daily reported today that he is in fact HIV positive. Rod Daily is the boyfriend of Cameron Bay, the female performer who tested positive for HIV two weeks ago.

Since her positive test everyone has been trying to pinpoint how she got it. Much blame has been placed on her boyfriend, male porn star Rod Daily because he has sex in gay pornos of which is was later revealed that during the entire 8 years he was making gay porn, he always wore a condom. So then there is the question of those movies he did was transsexuals and his on the side escorting.

But today something truly interesting was revealed. He didn’t test positive for HIV when she did. Last week his test came back negative.

“@Rod_Daily: My antibodies just showed up on a test this week which is scary because they didn’t a week ago.”

So now we have two main questions … the first is, if she tested first does that mean she possibly infected him? Or was it just that he is such a healthy person, obviously big into working out which is evident by his body, that she just showed first?

And the next question is, if he tested negative last week, and so did Xander Corvus, who we know also had unprotected sex with Cameron Bay during the time in which we thought she was positive (in between her last negative and her first HIV positive test), So because he tested negative the FSC lifted the performer moratorium and went back to work. But is it possible he could be like Rod Daily and be HIV positive and just not know it yet? Could it be like Rod Daily, Xander’s first test came back negative but what about his most recent ones?

I think of completely clueless girls like Aaliyah Love who think that because the “doctors” told her she can go back to work everything is fine and shot two boy/girl scenes this week. She clearly thought everything was okay because hey the people who are supposed to be looking out for her best interest (the FSC) told her everything was okay. But was it really?

Why did they allow everyone to go back to work so quickly after a confirmed case of HIV? That makes no sense.

For sure two people in our industry have tested positive for HIV in the last two weeks and how many people did they have sex with in between when they thought they were fine and when they found out they weren’t? How many people did those people have sex with in between that time? Xander Corvus books a lot of work.  If he in fact does come back as HIV positive, think how many people he had sex with in the last 30 to 60 days, UNPROTECTED. And now think about how many people those people had sex with in that time period.

This whole thing just makes me so sad. Everyone is so into the power grab that the people we are supposed to be looking out for is getting hurt.

Now the FSC is even coming out trying to claim that the person tweeting isn’t really Rod Daily. Can we not just get along for long enough to do what is best for our girls? -sigh-



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