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Which Issue of Playboy was YOUR first?

Playboy is what many of us remember as our first taste of NAUGHTY when we were growing up. I remember that my Dad had a stash of them hidden in his bedroom in the cupboards behind his bed.  I never saw him read one. The only reason I knew that they were there was because of my snooping around. I don’t remember who was on the cover or the inside of the ones I saw, but then how would I? I didn’t have a reference to who any of these women were. They were just naked women to me, and since I had never seen one except my pre-pubescent self, I was very interested in looking at them.  Do you guys remember who was on the cover of the first Playboy mag you ever saw?

Sadly the rumors that Playboy is for sale are for real, at least according to at least twenty news outlets. Analysts are saying it’s worth 100 million. Hugh Hefner wants 300 mil. It’s expensive to keep all those girlfriends happy!

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