Which Rapper is Dating This Pornstar?

Have you heard of Rosee Divine? You may not have since she isn’t a hardcore pornstar. She has mainly done lots of sexy photo shoots that show off her incredible ass and amazing body. She is a flexible slut who can be seen in some photos doing the full splits, and in many of her photos she is wearing some kind of very revealing spandex outfit. Rosee Divine doesn’t even shoot porn photos anymore, and seems to have moved on to being an artist, but that hasn’t taken away any of her beauty or sex appeal, and one rapper certainly hasn’t missed that, allegedly.

In December, this rapper was reportedly dating Jennifer Lopez, as the pair were seen out on the town together quite a bit, but it seems that the new year has brought a new boo to the fold. Drake has now been seen out and about with Rosee Divine, and the couple appeared like they could be on a date in Amsterdam recently. Many commentators and news outlets have been chiding Drake, wondering how he could go from J Lo to a former photo vixen, but honestly, they are both fine choices as women and both are incredibly beautiful. Of course nothing could compare to J Lo, but Rosee Divine is fine and there is a big reason why people have paid her lots of money to pose for them.

Drake wouldn’t be the first celebrity to make a splash by dating a pornstar. There are many others who have done it in the past. Some people reported that when Bruce Willis got divorced he went out with pornstar Alisha Klass for a little while, however, most accept that it might just a rumor because Klass allegedly also claimed that she fucked Howard Stern, which no one really believed, so she may have just been trying to get lots of attention! Another pornstar/celeb love affair happened around 2006 when a certain country rapper who recently made news for supporting Donald Trump was notably dating Briana Banks. The two didn’t seem to date long, but it was still a relationship that made the media talk. Charlie Sheen’s relationship with hot blonde Bree Olsen was widely publicized as well.

Celebrities have good taste and they know that pornstars are just people like anyone else, except they are people who know how to take good care of their bodies and fuck really well. Who could say no to something like that? Let’s not judge celebrities negatively for dating pornstars and instead give them accolades for being the types of people who can get those types of hotties into their beds. I know I wish I could!

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