Which sex positions burn the most calories?

A lot of people would choose sex over hitting the gym any time of the day. Well, having sex is a perfect way of exercising, but did you know there are better positions than others when it comes to burning calories? Forget the gym for a moment, mastering the art of exercising may be your remedy to shedding some calories and hanging your running shoes for good. We know how difficult it is to get people off the couch and into the gym and because Theporndude is in a good mood, how about we look at some of the best sex positions to help you shed those extra calories?

Let’s get straight at it:


This will surprise many, but the missionary position can be a magnificent bedroom based workout. Forget what everyone has told you before, this position works muscles around glutes, chest, back, and arms. Of course, much of it will depend on how much you are into it, but you catch my drift don’t you?

Allow me to speak with the gents for a moment: use your arms well and don’t use your lower back to thrust, use your pelvic. It will help in flexing your core muscles as well as your abs.

Dear ladies; you will be getting the short end of the stick with this one (sorry). Still, you can leverage your pelvic as opposed to your lower back if you want to get the best out of this particular position.

Doggy Style

Guys especially love this style for reasons I don’t care to explain. However, did you also know it’s a perfect work out? Allow me to explain:

I’m addressing the gents here; if you want to get the best out of this style, you better be prepared for a little workout. Sex is the last thing you should be lazy with anyway. You can do it while standing or on the bed, although doing it on the bed will maximize the exercise value.  You will be working your hamstrings, core, arms, and shoulder. If you did it right, you should not be able to walk downstairs to fetch a glass of water comfortably.

A lot of people just don’t realize how difficult it is for women to keep the balance when a horny dude is furiously pounding, but that helps in working the women’s quads, hamstrings and arms. And this style also helps the man to penetrate deeper, which is a bonus.

The Arch

This sex position has a similarity with a yoga position called bridge, which is a good remedy for back pains. Mostly, this is more like an elevated missionary position. She will be lying flat on her back, while she will lift her back and legs in an arch.

As a man, you will be working the arm muscles, especially if you grab her butt to support her. Also, you will also work your hamstrings and quads just like in doggy style.

However, this style is especially beneficial to the women as it’s like a full body work out. Ladies will be able to burn calories in their core, lower and upper back, shoulders and what have you. Ladies, have you been skipping the gym lately? You will feel this one.


This one is not for the fainthearted. It is not only super awkward, but it’s also hard to execute. Try shower sex, for instance. You will be posed against a wall, and you will be required to support your weight, and at least some of your partner’s on one leg. Difficult, huh?

But make no mistake; this is one hell of a calorie burning sex position. Half an hour isn’t exactly a short time standing while having sex (or for some people, standing even without sex). But as long as you don’t cramp your leg and the style doesn’t make you uncomfortable, try this one out. Expect to burn up to 165 calories per half hour.

The Wheelbarrow

This is yet another hard position to execute, but one that will significantly help you burn some extra calories. The style is exactly as you’d envisage it: the girl will be facing down supported by her hands, while the gent will be grabbing her legs/upper thighs.

Men will primarily be in for quite some work out because supporting her legs will work your biceps and shoulders. It’s no mean feat, and should you feel tired, you may have her wrap her legs around your hips for a little support. Remember that game you used to play as kids? This one is almost similar.

Women will be able to work their back, chest, and shoulders. Throw away those gym shoes already.


This is probably the best position for women to burn those extra calories. And it is fun as well; this is more like the cowgirl position where the woman is on top and using her hips and legs to grind, only that with this position, her feet will be resting flat on the ground (or bed) and she’ll be using her hands and legs to bounce. Besides burning the calories, this one feels perfect.

It will be a little confusing for men to work out from this one, but you may raise you’re pelvic a little higher and thrust into her which will help you work out your core. Alternatively, you can work your biceps by using your arms to support her.

As for the women, this style helps you work your hamstrings, quads, glutes, calves, and core besides the apparent feelings of untold sexual pleasure.

Final Word

There you have it, good folks. With obesity levels hitting the world in a way not seen before, why subject yourself through the rigors of a gym work out when the solution lies right in your bedroom? Get fucking and lose those calories while enjoying the moment. Thank me later.

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