Which sex positions make you last the longest in bed?

They say there is always better sex to be had, better orgasms or a better sexual relationship. Few people will tell how to achieve those things, however. Sometimes you may get caught in the moment, and things end too fast, leaving you embarrassed and your sexual partner deeply frustrated. This begs the question; are there sex positions that can make you last longer in bed?

Luckily, there are. You no longer have to be a one minute guy.  A lot of it has to do with shallow, slow penetrations as opposed to deep, fast and furious penetrations (like in doggy style) which can make you cum too soon. Positions that are physically challenging are also recommended since you will be focused on maintaining your physical balance. Switching positions mid sex is also worth trying as it gives you a chance to breathe and adjust your pace. The following sex positions are designed to help you last longer and avoid things ending abrupt endings. You may want to add them to your repertoire because the result is mutual satisfaction.

Side by side

You and your partner will be lying side by side in a way that you are both facing each other. The woman will then part her legs, draping one of the legs on your backside to provide an opening to penetrate. This helps in maintaining control for both partners regarding movement and stimulation.

In this position, both partners share an equally active/passive role. It also limits the amount of deep and forceful thrusting possible which enables a slower and more sensual experience. The man is able to concentrate on the sensations he is experiencing as well as control the muscle tension in his pelvic area, all factors that lead to delayed orgasm.


This is one of the most widely used positions. But did you know it helps maintain your erection because the penis is facing downwards and blood flow doesn’t have to fight with gravity? Now you know.

The position puts the man on top in a dominant position. A bit of twist can be added by initially avoiding penetration and rubbing the penis against the vulva and clitoris. By doing that, the man avoids overstimulation of the most sensitive parts of his penis while the woman can enjoy the stimulation of her outer genitals. The best part, both of you can enjoy much more stimulation for longer.


Note that penetration can be a challenge using this position, at least initially. But don’t fret, it’s perfectly doable. To pull off this position, both of you have to lie on your sides, facing the same direction. Your pelvic area should be lower than her as you snuggle her backside until your bodies are nestled together like spoons. She will then lift her leg slightly to allow penetration.

Once you are in place, you will be in charge of most of the action, which will be more of grinding than thrusting. You can wrap your arm around her for more leverage. It is harder to thrust deeply and forcefully in this position thus avoiding overstimulation. It means a long lasting, more satisfying sexual experience.

The cross

You will be lying on the side facing your partner as she lies on her back, perpendicular to your body as she drapes her legs over the other side of your pelvis. Your partner will open up her legs and press her crotch to help you penetrate. Once there, you can move back and forth while holding her thighs as leverage.  Your partner may move closer or further away while using her legs to initiate movement.

And now to why you should try this position. For starters, it leaves you with a limited range of motion. While the penetration may be more in-depth, the fact that your partner is in an awkward position makes it harder to put your whole weight into it which will help you last longer. Certainly, a good position for some lazy Sunday afternoon romp, don’t you think?

Doggy style (Modified)

Doggy style provides the ultimate thrill for many and women would understandably be reluctant to give it up to help their partners last longer. This one here is a modified doggy style though. You initially start with the usual doggy- your partner on all fours with you on your knees. She will then slowly lower herself on the bed so that she is lying on her stomach as you move along with her to avoid falling out.

From there, you can either lie on top of her with your stomach on her back, or you can prop yourself up with your knees with your legs outside of her legs. You will be in control of the movement although it will be slower than the deep and fast thrusting in the usual doggy style. The position comes with the thrills of rear entry but with less of the overstimulation. It is also a great position to hit her g-spot, which is a win-win for both of you.


To pull this one off, you will have to be seated with your legs crossed.  She will then slowly lower herself onto your lap, using her hand to help you penetrate. She will then wrap her legs around your back and her arms around your neck.  The two of you can synchronize your movements towards and away from each other. Alternatively, she may play around with different angles, moving up and down or grinding in circles.

This position allows you to take breaks and go slow. While there is deep penetration, there is little possibility of deep and fast thrusting. The position is however deeply sweet and sensual and should be on your list.


Have fun as you try out the styles and avoid the embarrassment of lasting for less than a minute. Prolong your ecstasy, last longer and help your partner achieve maximum satisfaction as well.

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