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Which side of 30? by our Ruby


What is the wrong side of 30?  I think the wrong side of thirty is the younger side, women don’t even peak sexually until 35, and I didn’t pull my proverbial head out of my ass until at least thirty. 

Young girls do shitty sex scenes and have yet to grow into their vaginas, much less enjoy anal sex. I’m convinced that the only reason guys like those scenes is because they feel experienced next to the poor girl, who’s look in the eyes reminds me of a deer caught in the headlights.

Forget seeing a real orgasm, I can see them thinking,”only 10 more minutes until the pop, and I get my check”, how hot and sexy.  And for those young ladies who think they fake it so well, I CAN TELL.  I’ll take this side of 30 anyday.

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