Which slaves were lucky enough to fuck Lady Sonia anally?

If you are a fan of dominatrices, then there is every chance you’ve heard about Lady Sonia at least once. You may also know her as Gillian Young, Gillian Susan Young, or Gill Ellis Young.  She was born on January 21, 1964, at Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.  Sonia is famous for being the kinky femdom who specializes in different fetishes including BDSM. She may as well be your favorite MILF.  Most of her work has been for her personal website where she plays an unfaithful wife who likes to dominate men. There is nothing she won’t do; milking young studs’ cocks by giving them steamy handjobs, blowjobs, face sitting, anal, bondage, and what have you. Oh, she also knows how to make good use of her whip so you better do as she asks without much teasing.

She looks like a high school teacher who would give you a good ass whopping while getting her knickers all wet. Lady Sonia is a real mature lady in every sense of the word and is nothing of those average 30-year-olds who many sites pass as MILF. She has many years of experience and has in that time figured out what makes young perverts tick.

She also has an insatiable appetite for young cocks and doesn’t even make any attempt at moderation. Don’t even get me started on when she rips off her stockings to expose her mature pussy; long, engorged, and hairy. She has the kind of twat that every MILF junkie would toss over and when she lets those twin fun bags free? You feel like smacking them around with your face. She will remain the perverted sex teacher from pretty much everyone’s dirty fantasies. Now that you know she particularly loves to dominate men, which of her male slaves have been lucky enough to penetrate her rear? Let’s find out.

None is lucky yet

For all her hundreds of scenes covering the kinky BDSM and femdom niches, all indications point to the fact that not even one slave has been lucky enough to fuck Lady Sonia anally. Of course, you will find a handful of scenes where she is toying with her ass using a dildo, but you won’t be so lucky if you are looking for an anal scene. She has done some pretty incredible videos ever since she made her foray into the world of adult entertainment, but it still strikes me as odd that her anal scenes are hard to come by. You may try looking for them on Google, but while you will have plenty of search results promising Lady Sonia’s anal scenes, none is a legitimate anal scene.  If that sounds disappointing, that’s because it is.

However, there is an impressive array of XXX scenes on her personal website with categories including femdom, machine, cuckold, and friends. Each of the categories opens up to a fantastic collection of porn scenes showing the best (or worst depending on why you are reading this) of Lady Sonia.  See her stripping in the woods, flashing in public, fucking huge dildos, in steamy threesomes, kinky and highly erotic femdom and BDSM, jerk off instructions and so much more. You may not see her welcoming a hard cock in her asshole, but you will still have plenty of fap materials to check out. That’s more than mere consolation don’t you think? You can expect a world of decadence.

Still unsure?

Lady Sonia has been a genuine exhibitionist for over 30 decades and her primary motivation to open a personal website was because of her love for showing off and being watched. She admits that sex has been the most essential part of her life and the seasoned slut will let you explore some sexual fantasies you didn’t even know you had. She enjoys the sensations of the hardest fucks possible, and she even admits to fucking multiple men while her husband was away (yeah, she is fucking married). She has actually lived the cuckold lifestyle for over 30 fucking years!

What you don’t know about her

As is the case with many porn stars, there is an awful lot that you don’t know about them, probably because you concentrate on what they do with their lady bits. There is absolutely no shame in that. That said, did you know that she started modeling with camera clubs in the 1980s before she became a household name in the porn industry? That’s right. She swiftly moved into professional modeling for magazines. As expected, being an adult worker was something to be frowned upon, and camera clubs discreetly kept the list of girls who were scheduled to model. Being a shameless exhibitionist who enjoyed modeling and showing off, it was not long before she featured for pretty much every fetish magazine of the day. The rest is history.

She has lived her life to make all of her sexual fantasies a reality, and if I were you, I’d visit her personal website right away. Trust me; there is a lot of exploring to do.

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