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Whiteacre Lambasts LIB for “Promoting” Shelley Lubben

OP/ED by Michael Whiteacre

Cindi, if Donny Long had sought to purchase ad space on LIB for PornWikiLeaks, would you have sold it to him? Once it became public knowledge that the site was being used to hurt members of the industry, would you have continued to promote his efforts in the name of “giving people info, and letting them decide”? 

Cindi, why not let your valued, long-time readers decide this issue? Ask your readers whether THEY feel there’s any genuine informational value in your continued promotion of Shelley Lubben’s enterprise.

I’m not talking about the reporting of actual NEWS events of which she is a part — I’m talking about the promotion of her phony ministry (which has been called a cult by several members who have escaped it, including anti-porn Christian minister April Garris); her “porn recovery” sham which preys upon, blackmails and HURTS people from the adult industry; her fictionalized book (which most of the people in it call something she conjured up in her own mind); her phony “porn facts” which are used by entities which constitute a genuine threat to your advertisers; her lies, distortions and stereotypes which defame adult industry workers and make their ability to integrate into the civilian world even more difficult; etc…

You can not tell me that Shelly Lubben herself does not believe that that you are promoting her self-serving endeavors — she has taken out ads on your sites and sends you PRs for you to dutifully disseminate. Other sites don’t run with her anti-adult industry pablum — why is that?

In Shelley Lubben’s mind you are promoting her, Cindi, and lending her gravitas and credibility. Every time her lies appear on an adult industry website, you are legitimizing this fraud, con artist and predator.

I’d like to hear from the readers. LukeIsBack readers, do you get anything of value from the promotion of Shelley Lubben on Cindi’s sites that you could not get from the lambasting of Lubben’s idiocy or from seeking out her lies on your own?

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