Whitney Wisconsin has been sentenced to jail

A woman accused of making disturbing porn videos has been jailed for nine months and one-year probation. The woman, Whitney Wisconsin, 20, was charged with several counts including lewd and lascivious behavior in Eau Claire County.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman performed the said acts in public places around the Eau Claire area. Her boyfriend recorded the acts and sent them to adult websites. Police came to know about the videos after a man learned that he had been recorded and shown in the videos without his consent. She will now spend time in the coolers as she comes to terms with her behavior.

First of all, if you have not heard of this woman or watched any of her videos, you are in the right place because ThePornDude has all the juice. It turns out the real name behind the Whitney Wisconsin character is, in fact, Amy Lynn Lew. She rose to fame after a video she had recorded herself talking about how she loves having sex with her dog went viral. Her videos were so wild and disturbing that YouTube had to pull down her channel. Law enforcement officers were able to identify both Lew and her boyfriend from various websites where her videos were in massive circulation. She was using the name ‘Whitney Wisconsin’ in the videos.  Interestingly, her boyfriend, a certain Erio Oliver Sherrod has child pornography charges swirling all around him. Talk about being totally fucked up.

Animal abuse accusations

In one of her videos that have since been pulled down, she talks about the ‘perfectly normal hobby’ of having sex with dogs and even proceeded to list the reasons (or dog fucker commandments if you may)why it is convenient. The commandments are even labeled 1-10 so that even the most confused individuals in her ‘audience’ could follow her emoji based style of writing. She taped the commandments on her bathroom floor so her message could come out as clearly and concisely as possible.

She gave the following 10 reasons why its cool for women to fuck their dogs:

  • Women in history have practiced it for pleasure. Documented for ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Dog-tongues can reach places that are hard to reach otherwise.
  • Nobody can get pregnant.
  • You cannot get an STD. (However, dog-sperm-allergy can be seriously harmful.)
  • It has been around since the beginning of time. From and since 2000BC: Cave paintings.
  • Legal in some countries and states. Because of that: No reason to worry.
  • Being submissive to a wolf. Something most people wouldn’t do.
  • The dog is just there. No need to go out for sex.
  • They don’t nag, nor complain. They are silent companions.
  • They are easy to train. That protects from unwanted humping in front of other people.

She later revised her commandments and came up with more reasons including the fact that the act itself isn’t that crazy and it’s a complete turn on. Really? That’s genuinely some fucked up shit right there.

Fingered herself and tricked people to smell it

And if you thought that’s the craziest she got, think again. She made a controversial video where she fingered herself inside a bathroom, never washed her hands, then tricked dudes into smelling her fingers asking them if the ‘perfume’ smelt good. And she actually got several men, including one old man, to smell it!

There were responses like ‘what the hell is that,’ ‘not great, not bad. I don’t know, it smells weird’. She totally got you guys I feel like laughing at Y’all. Well, except for the old man who said he couldn’t smell it. The result? People were successfully pranked into smelling some stinking pussy.

Drank dog pee

She really drank that shit? The hell she did. In that particular video that runs for one and a half minutes, she claims that drinking dog pee has helped clear up her acne and keeps her “looking so good.”

She is seen walking to a dog in a nearby tree holding a clear cup, holds it under the dog as it pees and fills up the cup with the yellow liquid. She proceeds to gulp down the dog urine before claiming that “Dog pee also has vitamin A in it, vitamin E in it, and it has 10 grams of calcium, and it’s also proven to help cure cancer.” She also claimed that pharmaceutical companies are keeping this remedy a secret by financing lobbyists to “get politicians to make you buy expensive pain medicine and chemo.”

Let a dog lick her pussy

Her controversial self-made videos continued to cause a stir when she released a video of her receiving an oral from a dog. In the video, she can be seen lying on the bed with her legs wide open as she calls her dog to come and lick her. The dog can be seen getting up close and personal as she says how she loves doggy licks.

One user sought to ask whether she owned dogs to which she replied that she has 4 dogs; 3 male and one bitch, all of which she admitted to fucking. Asked how it felt to be fucked by a dog, she replied: ‘It is great. Thinking that an animal predator taking you as his partner is sexy and exotic though. Not to mention that they are fully in control if they mount you.’

Final words

Granted, people have different fetishes, but on this one, she has not just crossed the line, she has drawn another line and proceeded to cross it as well. Anyway, ThePornDude will let you be the judge.

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