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Who are the HIV+ Brazilians?-update

UPDATE Tuesday 9pm NL- I have received no new info this evening. As soon as I do I will post it. I am continuing to work on this story…


The information I have is that there are three NEW cases of HiV. Last week, three brazilian adult stars got the news when they were on a production set. All three are FEMALE and were working in X through last week.

One of the woman is very famous and does an abundant amount of scenes, sometimes booking two a day. She works with males, females and transexuals. She has at least ten movies that were filmed by American companies in 2008 and are on the shelves right now.

The other two women are lesser known and show up in a couple movies this year.

The (alledged) Patient zero is said to be a woman who reported her status on a Braziian talk show last month. We are trying to locate a copy of the video. Then at least we could release her name.

Sources tell me that Patient Zero is not the cause of the current outbreak, but rather a male performer is responsible. This male has recently worked with all three of the women who are the NEW cases.

I cannot give you names. I cannot allow guesses, because if you are wrong you could kill a healthy person’s career. We also still have no confirmation via any of the people allegedly infected, nor any paperwork showing that they are.


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