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Who Are The Top Ten Players Online?

Here are six from JBM: # AFF / # TCG # AEBN # Top Bucks # Silver Cash # Nasty dollers / Bang Bros

Jay23 writes:

Depending on who you talk the adult Internet business is 12 – 15 years old (online should be older then that, i still remember downloading porn from BBS and UseNet when I was in college). So looking back who made the most money (profit, not sales).

1. The guys who did mass mailing and sent massive amount of joins
2. The guys who double / triple / quad billed credit cards
3. The surviving 2 billing companies

Brad Shaw posts: “The billing companies got a % of the whole, Epoch and CCbill have made as much as about anyone, long term IMHO. They will also continue to do very well.”

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