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Who is Glenn Beck? And who Really Cares?

NL-The bad thing about this kind of boycott is the massive amount of publicity the guy gets. People who are not on that political bent will now watch his show just to see if he is the cretin everyone says he is. Glenn Beck is now a familiar name because of this Ad withdrawl campaign. Before this he was only known to the right wing followers who agreed with him.


57 Companies Keeping their Ads off Glenn Beck
By Chris Ariens on Sep 02, 2009 05:10 PM

Oh his show today Glenn Beck continued to look into Van Jones, the White House special adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation who four years ago co-founded the group

That group just announced another 11 companies have pledged not to run ads on Beck’s Fox News program. says Capital One, Mercedes-Benz, Discover, Dannon, and HSBC are among those who’ve pledged to keep their ads off Beck’s show. This brings to 57 the number of companies committed to not advertise on Beck’s show. Fox News maintains any ads that would have run during Beck have been moved to other shows, so no revenue has been lost.

The ad boycott movement began earlier this summer after Beck’s appearance on Fox & Friends during which he said he thought Pres. Obama was a “racist” who “has a deep-seated hatred for white people.”

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