Who is LurkingReader

My name is Dot, short for the “Dorothy” on my birth certificate. I am a 50-year-old woman, wife of nearly thirty years, mother to two beautiful girls and grandmother to the best grandson a family could be blessed with.

We live in Central Ohio and this can be verified by the blogs questioning who I am by checking the registration IP. I’m not hiding my legal last name, I choose not to reveal it to childish folks who haven’t progressed beyond throwing mud pies at each other. Compare notes if you like, or ask the individual who hacked my devices, let’s hope they aren’t foolish enough to post illegally obtained information.

In August 2013 a friend was being exposed to HIV by a man who infected his previous girlfriend. He showed her a test from June 2013 that said “undetected” and insisted condoms weren’t necessary because she has a Mirena birth control device.

Once rumors hit about his prior girlfriend he dismissed them as unfounded gossip from a disgruntled jealous ex. Our conversations kept coming back to the test he provided to justify his request for condom-free sex yet never asked her for a test.

Since 1993 I have maintained one online username and until October 7, 2013 saw no reason to change this. Between August and 10/7/13 I researched HIV testing, tests and if it is possible for someone with an undetectable plasma viral load to infect a partner.

The result of my research was to insist she demand a HIV antibody test. His response was anger and two days later a letter from a lawyer offering her 50k to walk away and never discuss their relationship. As everyone should when presented with a legal agreement we brought this to a lawyer for his opinion. His opinion was that she was in serious peril and he took it a step further by calling the prosecutor. The police and prosecutor obtained a court ordered warrant for HIV antibody and viral load testing. She was notified by victim services that “as the result of a recent investigation we have reason to believe you are at grave risk for HIV, we have made arrangements for you to be tested”

Victim services never said his name, nor did the officer angry that he intentionally stopped taking his medication as well as taking her on a trip with the expectation that she might search for medication as proof.

She fortunately does not have HIV and will complete the last test scheduled at 180 days post exposure to confirm this. He is sitting in jail as he cannot raise his bail which is less than the 50k he jiggled as bait for her signature.

So why on 10/7/13 would I feel the need to change or obscure twenty year online identity? Simple…the all too frequent smear campaigns in porn that I walked away from as a teenager.

My first comment as “READER” can be found at TRPWL where several regular commenters didn’t like what I had to say so chose to deny deflect and when that didn’t work they resorted to outright character assassination.

READER was not available as a user name at MikeSouth, where I chose the variant LURKINGREADER with no idea or expectation that LURKINGWRITER may have been more appropriate.

For the record…I am not nor have I ever been affiliated with AHF, I am not a man, not Nick East or Mike South or any of the other people my screen name has been assigned to.

I am an individual whose devices have been hacked and still won’t back down from attempts to silence my right to free speech. Free Speech isn’t for the popular but for the unpopular. That simple truth is why I don’t care what you think about what I say. I am only concerned with taking responsibility for my words and actions and knowing I can look back at them without regret today tomorrow and always.

I have no wish to impose my personal standards upon you or anyone else, nor am I willing to accept or adopt your standards as my personal code. What you do in your personal life, on your time and outside a workplace is none of my business.

Choosing and retaining anonymity while speaking my unpopular ideas was immediately affirmed 10/7/13 when my truth of being a homemaker was called into question…barring slander or libelous comments from me there is nothing you can do to make me reveal my maiden or married last name. Lastly, I don’t care what consequences or rewards your personal choices bring you, only that they are your choices and I will respect them as such.

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