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Who is Peter Davy (Davey) Anyway?-UPDATE

UPDATE- a search of Clark County records shows no criminal arrest for a Peter Davy (or Davey) Anyone have any other ideas or info?


I received this from a reliable source. I cannot find a second source, so this is only a rumor. I am looking for more information.

The Source writes-I was just told Peter Davy is in jail — something about a $40 bill he did not pay to the Mandalay Bay is what they told me.  Since Peter has so many casualties in the business on whom he pulled just this thing, I wanted to dig up the rest of the story — and tried but with no success.  I was hoping that since the karma on this is so outstandingly ironic, what with Peter owing everyone in the business huge quantities of money and no one ever able to bust him on anything, that you might want to point your energy towards this direction just for a second or two… and for old times sake… to fill in the gaps for us.

Well first of all who is Peter Davy right? He is a porn director credited with being the one who discovered Houston.

He supposedly taped OJ Simpson having sex to sell it as a “celebrity sex tape. I hear he did the taping, but not the selling.

Peter’s latest appearance in the news (August 2008) was when TMZ reported that Ali Lohan (Lindsey’s little sister) auditioned for a role for him on an episode of the reality show “Living Lohan”. The fourteen year old knew nothing of his past, and was cast in, and acted in a B horror film he directed “Troll”

I can’t find much on him, including all the “money owing”. I also find it hard to believe that someone would go to jail for $40. Can you guys fill me in? Peter, would you like to set the records straight?

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