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Who Narc’d On John Bone?

Director John T. Bone (I thought he was returning to America?) blogs:

Do you know who turned me into the police?
It seems everybody has a favorite suspect. The one thing lacking is proof.
“Who else could it have been?” really doesn’t cut it.
We know it was an American, the police told the world that.
They turned up at my apartment with copies of more than 20 pages of my blog in fact all of the stories I had written about Thailand, an amazing feat for policemen who can neither speak nor read English.
The week before the arrest I was mugged on the dimly lit road home, a coincidence?
My imprisonment was followed with a campaign of hate mail to the local newspapers, in an attempt to influence the status of my case, strangely all from Americans. My email box was similarly plagued by hate mail and all from Americans, it was outweighed thankfully by well wishers from the rest of the world. Through the use of message boards, blogs and chat rooms he implied that my arrest had something to do with underage performers, which it didn’t, but others took up the cry and ran with it.
So it was an American, one who knew where I lived and worked and was familiar enough with my Blog to be able to go back one year and print all of my Thai stories and deliver them to the Police station on Soi 9, also familiar enough with Pattaya newspapers to know them all and have the email address’s.
He also had to bear me a grudge or have something to gain by my imprisonment.
Know who it is yet?
But can you prove it? Because if you can’t it’s OJ all over again.
It takes a particularly low human being to turn a fellow worker into the police, I have been working with questionable characters most of my life, some with life long vendettas against each other, but this is the first time I  have known someone stoop to that level.
Do I know someone capable of doing that?
Well yes, sadlyI do, the morality of American youth coupled with the anonymity of dealings on the internet have created a society of self indulgent egomaniacs with no thoughts of honor, or code of ethics. Fellow workers make money together for years and never meet, there is no longer real friendship or camaraderie amongst business partners, just a bunch of selfish people all grabbing for a piece of the pie who willingly sell out their ‘Buddies’ for a larger slice. The internet is like the old west, each player is an individual who will kill for what he wants or thinks he is entitled to, some will even shoot you in the back, like this guy. But I am a cowboy too and I can take my licks!
So do I know who sold me out?
Like you I have my suspicions but without proof it is just an opinion and you know what they say about them. So short of an act of god there will be no retribution, no bodies in the trunk of cars, and no massacres in Italian restaurants. I will go on with my life looking over my shoulder and knowing for all time that one of my ‘friends’ did this to me.
But beware he may be your ‘Buddy” too and have designs on your piece of the pie.

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