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Who Never Gave Up the ASS?

by Rog of

Reader Email: Careers with No Anal?

Les Wants to Know

With Gianna Michaels giving up her ass for the first time in Big Wet Asses 15, the subject of anal cherries is on Les’ mind.

Les Writes:

Rog: just watched Gianna’s scene in Big Wet Asses 15 and it’s everything we all expected. Gianna is a remarkable performer, and along with all her other attributes she has the best laugh in all of porn.

Watching her do her first anal scene after several years in the business made me wonder: is there any female talent from the current time (last 8 years or so) who had a successful career and never did anal?

For that matter, has there been anyone who had a multi-year run that did not do anal?
Keep up the great work.

Hey Les. That’s a great question. It seems to be a common thing for girls these days to hold onto the A for a big payday. It worked for Eva Angelina, Sunny Lane and now Gianna. Someone else sent me a text asking if I thought Gianna’s A was “desperate or just the right time.” I honestly think that it built up a desire in fans to see it. Would it kill her career not to do it? No. She has made a great career on those fantastic tits and by being one of the hottest fucks in the business.

To your question. Is there a girl in the last eight year who hasn’t given up her ass? Jess Jane hasn’t done A with a guy. Shay Jordan didn’t do A while she was with DP. No anal for Stormy over at Wicked. Nothing yet from Asa Akira, but she’s only been around for a year. I am sure there are others, but it is still a rare thing.

Who had a long term successful career with no anal? Christy Canyon didn’t do anal with a guy. I don’t remember Tina Tyler every doing anal either. I don’t believe Serenity ever did an anal scene. (Oh wow do I miss her.) And of course Jenna Jameson. Others? I’m sure there are some, but they are few and far between.

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