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Who Owns Who?

Shane emails (another good source says this is nonsense, I have no way of verifying this information):

Zero Tolerance- Greg Alves only owns 25% and Greg Allan owns 75%. The perception is that Greg Alves rolled in and built this incredible machine but the truth is he had the muscle and money to back him while he maintained the role of front man. Giving away product or selling it cheap in an attempt at mass exposure and brand recognition was a serious catalyst for dilution in the market place.

By the way Greg Alan owns Anabolic Video. As the market softened, Anabolic decided to go softer and started the Zero Tolerance label.

Vouyer Media- Steve Orenstein 100% (Wicked) With a condom only policy Mr. Wicked needed to get into the gonzo game to off set declining sales, but he could not take the lead without harsh opinions. Notice the special attention AVN gives Mr. Vouyer? its no accident…

Owner Paul Fishbein is desperate for advertising. He has been threatening companies that owe the magazine money and pleading with others to keep advertising. The last two issues were so thin many thought is was a supplement. This ship is sinking fast and just beyond Fishebein’s greedy face we can see Rome burning in the background. The most unfortunet situation iin all of this is the job Dan Miller walked into and the problems he was expected to fix. I hope they are paying him well because he’s a nice guy who started from behind the 8 ball because of Fishbein, Ramone and Conelly.

We will discuss Pulse tomorrow kids.

ScorpionKing posts:

Here we go with the silent partners expose. You mean to tell me you did not know that Greg Allan owns most of Zero Tolerance all this time? Jesus, everybody of note in XPT surely knows this. So what? Who cares? Greg also owns 3rd Degree and Black Ice. Of course Steve O. bankrolled Vouyer Media. Shane hit it right on the head as to why. I’m curious to see what Shane says about Pulse’s real owners. Everybody knows about your old pal SH’s involvement. I’m curious to see if a rumor I recently heard about someone else bigtime involved with Pulse is true. Give us a real scoop, like Mike Barbella secretly owning Evasive Angles, or Rob Spallone shooting most of Nectar’s product or Skeeter K bankrolling bangbros. (All of those are of course quite FALSE, but would be a hoot if they were true. I mean if Skeeter’s got $530,000 to give Lynton, surely he’s got loot to put behind a company whose product actually sells.)

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