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Who Runs Sex Tube sites?-readers questions

A reader asks-


What companies are running all the tube sites? Who are the people behind the curtain who the have the duckets to throw down on providing the world with endless free porn?

Many of these companies if not all of these tube sites are now posting hijacked content on their sites like youtube. I saw at least 10 scenes of Rebbecca Linares doing her thing on who needs to buy it when its free?

AEBN owns PornoTube. Here’s their promo on it.-Launched on June 23rd, 2006, is arguably the fastest growing web site in Internet history. Here you can upload your favorite home movies or stream studio quality content to draw viewers to your sites. Whatever the case, “Fuck Around!”

I’ve read that PornoTube isn’t a money producer for AEBN, it breaks even, but they are happy with their tube site because of the traffic it generates.

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