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Who Twitter Blocked TRPWL vol1 #BillyBoston #Caverject #Mope

Over the years, many people have blocked me on Twitter, most for no reason at all. Like, I’m cooler than the other side of the pillow. Truly, who blocks TRPWL? Well, a few, so over the next couple years, I’ll write up who and why.  And I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ll need my buddy and his spreadsheet to remind me of why. See, I’m so busy being cool, that I forgot why some people don’t like your ole boy TRPWL.

I figure we can start with the latest person to block me, Billy Boston.

See how I highlighted his name? That’s how you can tell this is a serious post, the only way it could more serious is if I worked in one of these –> ; <—-  For those of you who don’t know, that’s a “semicolon” which are forbidden here on TRPWL. So I’ll leave the super serious semicolon stuff to the #Metoo guys who write for pussy, cocaine, and free entry in to porn shows.

I doubt most of you know who Billy is, outside of me mentioning him here, he’s mostly no one. When not harassing girls into doing content trade, you can usually find him jerking off watching the other 7 guys bang some chick.  That was until he found Caverject. After that he bumped up to guy 6 and is a staple among the “lets fuck for free” tour.

I might add, Billy looks at women beater Jessy Jones as a hero. And this is where my Billy bashing sort of began.

Side note, Jessy still hasn’t had his 500 buck hit man kill me and Bosco. But I’m sure it’s coming, only if Jessy can take time out of threatening girls who refuse to shoot with him. How did that Brazzers shoot go the other day? I bet there are people lined up around the block looking to catch a murder case for Jessy, like Billy Caverject.

Of course Billy will probably hire an Uber to do the driveby, then snitch out Jessy, which would make for a good story here. Billy would plead not guilty and use the latest in porn mope defenses, The Caverject defense.

Noted porn lawyer Neil Sampat would argue, “Your honor, my client injected so much cocaine and Caverject into his penis he went crazy. Surely your honor can see he’s not bright, he hired an Uber to do the driveby, shot the slurpee guy by mistake, then did content trade with Erika Icon, here are the pics.”

The judge, wiping away vomit from his rob, puts Billy back in a mental institution, never to be heard from again.

Yes, I know this isn’t why Billy blocked me…

Let me Explain

A couple weeks ago, I, TRPWL, wrote a story here. 

While not confirmed, in the post I may have said this:

Imagine being Billy Boston, injecting your dick, day after day after day, shit my bad, wrong story.

For some reason Billy apparently thought I was talking about him, even though a quick Google search lists over 20 Billy Bostons.

Looking at your IAFD, one would have to wonder how you’ve been paying the bills for the last 4 years, when you have hardly any PAID shoots..

Billy was upset, so after bumping up his cypionate dosage, he emailed me to tell me he was mad…

billy boston

LOL joking, of course he didn’t email me. He’s a bitch like Jessy. No. instead, just like Jessy, he emailed Bosco earlier in the week, his former publicist. and threatened him. Bosco, the guy who basically helped him survive when he needed it. The emails were seen 20 minutes ago when cleaning out his spam folder.

LOL “On everyone’s sets regularly” Dude you’re always gonna be plan D. Cancellation? Here’s a list of guys, at some point, after Johnny Goodluck, James Bartholet and the ghost of Steve Driver,  it gets to you.

So when Bosco didn’t respond, bitch boy Billy sent another email with a tweet he was about to post:

billy boston

Lets be clear here Billy, the only reason you ever got anything from any of us, is because of the old “my enemies enemy is my friend”, and like one of the shared needles you use, at some point the effort wasn’t worth the return.  And what kind of pussy, types out a tweet, then tries to use it as a threat?

FYI, every month 20-25 press releases get sent out promoting OnlyFans sales, that’s part of the job. You wouldn’t know, since your only source of income is 100 dollar gangbangs and table scraps from the House of Cocaine..

My absolute favorite part of all this is you saying  “My voice will be heard” lol

Lets see how big your reach is Billy:

LOL  Wow Billy, you really showed him. 5 likes and 2 people telling you you’re wrong. But that’s what bitches do, they don’t have the balls to say shit to me because they know how it will end. January isn’t that far away. So they try to mess with the people around me hoping to get them to rein me back in.

Now, keep in mind I’ve been making fun of Billy for months, and he hadn’t blocked me, it wasn’t until I made this tweet:

Then he blocked me.

So to recap, Billy Boston blocked TRPWL because he’s a little bitch who couldn’t stand up to me and decided to try messing with someone close to me…

How did you think this was gonna end Billy? Is this how you planned it out in your fucked up head?

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