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Who’s Got The Syph? Production to Halt?

NL- The performer who is being blamed for causing the outbreak does NOT seem like the kind of person who would ever endanger others and/or intentionally work with a dangerous STD. If this person would like to explain what happened, I would be happy to post their story with or without their name. OR do an email interview. They can remain anon. Please contact me at Cindi at

From FSC

Update on Production Moratorium, Performer Testing
August 20, 2012
As a result of a performer testing positive for syphilis, providers are administering the standard RPR syphilis test that is approved by the FDA for preliminary diagnosis. A negative test does NOT mean the performer is approved to work. It is important to note that this test has a large window period — as much as 90 days — and therefore cannot be relied upon to diagnose an acute (recent) syphilis infection. More importantly, a person with an acute infection can be contagious and still test negative. We cannot rely on these tests alone to determine a performer’s availability to work. This test only provides our doctors a baseline from which to base further testing or treatment options.
FSC has called a temporary moratorium on production and asks that all producers honor this moratorium.

Syphilis is easily treatable—it requires treatment with antibiotics. APHSS’ doctors network has determined that prophylactic treatment for syphilis for all performers is warranted. The shots have been ordered from the pharmacy and within the next couple of days, will have set up a network of medical professionals to administer the shots. Locations for performers to get the shots will be announced by tomorrow, August 21. Once the performer receives antibiotics, he or she will be available to work within 10 days.

Finally, our doctor’s network is speaking with expert microbiologists to determine if there is a test that can be utilized to identify the presence of an acute infection of syphilis. If such a test exists, this test will be administered when the performer comes in for prophylactic treatment, in order to provide additional information.

Manwin has agreed to cover cost of the shots for performers. Other producers contributing to cover the cost of treatment include, Evil Angel, Girlfriend Films,, Vivid Pictures, and Gamma Entertainment. Still more producers are offering to contribute – this is an industry-wide effort by producers to ensure the safety of the performers. We greatly appreciate the cooperation and contributions of involved parties at this time.

“I always appreciate how our industry comes together in a time of need,” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “Clearly our industry’s priority is the health and well-being of our performers. Thank you to all of the producers who have and will contribute and thanks to all of you for honoring the moratorium.”

The (Adult Production Health & Safety Services) program is operated by FSC. For more information on, please contact [email protected]

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