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Who’s Got The Ugliest Ho’s?

Whore writes on XPT:

There may be a tie between Lori Lust’s and Rob Spallone’s agencies for having the ugliest hoes in porn.

Rob Spallone’s Hoes

Lori Lust’s Hoes

And just announced today Shy Love has become a pimp of yet more ugly hoes. She says they are new faces to the business but if you check out her site Adult Talent Managers there is only 1 new face.

Willie D posts:

I’m going to side with Roberto on this one, only because every whore who is represented by Lori Lust is only of questionable looks, but all are absolute idiots for letter her rip them off. Plus, Spallone reps Aston, who at least had the foresight to get one singular tattoo (large as it is) without a bunch of crappy poetic sayings, and prancing unicorns, and ransom stars, ad nauseum. Plus Lackwood hates her, she must be at least a little cool.

HappyHog posts: “Doesn’t really matter whose stable is ugliest. We know that Luke’s camera will capture their inner beauty and, in turn, all of our hearts.”

Douche writes: “Talk about bringing ugly back, Rob wins. Looks like he drove across America (DeBella sitting shot-gun) to every truck stop, dive bar, crack house, pool hall, liquor store, free clinic, welfare office and rounded up some of the brokest of broke down hoes I’ve ever seen!”

Conky posts:

My favorite thing about Spallone’s site is that he has the nerve to have an “A List Talent” section (called Feature Talent) and then a ‘normal’ talent section.

De’Bella doesn’t rank as A List, so Rob hasn’t entirely lost control of his faculties, but it still smacks of “Don’t book these chicks” and “Seriously, Really Don’t book these chicks”.

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