Who’s THAT Girl? No, The Other One.

Hannah Simone of The New Girl

I can’t stop watching New Girl.

It has everything: douchebag quips, promiscuity, plaid shirts, thirty-something life crises scenarios, and obscure drinking games! It’s a show, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in comedy gold, wearing a fuzzy cardigan, peering out at me from between long bangs and thick-framed glasses.

Actress Zooey Deschanel is certainly this decades television cutie and there’s no mistaking that she’s got the ukulele-strumming demo in the bag. Thankfully for the penis population the show’s creators were smart enough to double-edge that sword by pairing Deschanel’s peppy Jessica Day with a smokin’ hot actor/model best friend, Cece Meyers aka Hannah Simone!

This Canadian export was relatively unknown until now and remains to be one of the [arbitrary] top 5 reasons to keep watching actual television. Recently she shed some of her clothes for Esquire’s Me in My Place series and we didn’t want your eyes to miss it. Thoughtful, I know. I always am.

…and as a special bonus, here are some extra finds:

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