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Why Are You Not Doing Mainstream?

MaxJohan writes on GFY: “It’s not that easy? Or you don’t have the creativity? Not enough brain farts? You love the free pics? Curious to know.”

Vick! replies:

Unless you are an SEO God or have some really unique idea like milliondollarhomepage. But here in adult, you can simply replicate a website and make traffic.

I can make $50 a day website/blog in adult with $0 investment but in mainstream I need quite good some for advertisement and stuff to make a website with $50 a day output.

We see a lot (yes, A LOT) of mainstream turnkey sites for sale but we don’t see even a 1/5th of that in adult. Most blogs/sites for sale claim some traffic and revenue. If mainstream is as easy as adult, no one there would be selling turnkey sites.

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