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Why Can’t we just Name Names in HIV Scare?

Because the law won’t let us. When AIM named the HIV positive person and the quarentine list in 2004 they got sued because they were actually giving out medical information which you are not allowed to do. They paid a lot in that lawsuit.

There are a lot of names floating around and who did it with whom and at which studio. It’s almost impossible to confirm anything. The one way to tell there is a problem with someone, that they may be on the quarentine list, is that their name will be missing from the AIM database.

So by process of elimination, if we know someone’s real name we can look them up and if they are there, they are NOT involved ( so far) in the chain of partners.

BUT The chain of partners is only gotten by asking those who have been found so far, who they had sex with. If they are not honest, or if they don’t remember, or if they don’t know the names, the list of those quarentined will not be complete.

I have often asked people during interviews, “Who was that scene with?” and they have answered that they didn’t remember or they didn’t know the name of the person. So finding this chain of 1st & 2nd generation is not as easy as it seems.

This is how it works. Patient Zero has sex with people. These people become the 1st generation because they had direct contact with the infected individual. Those in the 1st generation ( who didn’t yet know there was a problem) go out and have sex or do sex scenes with more people who become 2nd generation. And this can go on until the HIV positive individual is notified and all the sex going on is shut down until everyone is cleared which can take from a couple weeks to a couple months for those in the direct chain.

To make matters worse, I can’t legally tell you anything that i know because any description of anyone ( you notice that AIM didn’t even say male or female this time?) can get me in trouble. And it was AVN, not AIM that told us their source said it was a male who worked in the gay and straight industry. gave the name of patient zero and then two posts later said that it was not him. It is also scary with rumors running all over the place that you name someone and get it wrong.

If I tell you that someone ISN’T on the quarentine list, and further down the line we find out they are I can get sued for that also. SOOO unfortunately I can tell you nothing. I can’t even give you clues. It sux. I am sorry.

I believe that because of the danger in our industry that AIM SHOULD be allowed to release the names, and they should be exempt from that portion of the laws. That is why when you  go for blood tests you sign a paper saying you give permission for them to give out your information. BUT I believe that paperwork was also ruled illegal. Which is why Darren James sued and won.

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