Why do married men still need to masturbate

Masturbation aka fapping is part and parcel of many people‘s sex lives. Some people continue to do it even when they are in a long-term relationship. Amusingly, even people in marriage. Actually, many married people continue to jerk, enjoying both their sexuality and that of their partners. There is also absolutely no reason to feel guilty after the act, whether you are married or not. Most men continue to masturbate into their marriages, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Today ThePornDude addresses the reasons why married men still feel the urge to fap despite having the designated place to deposit their sperms; their wife’s pussy.

More Satisfying Sex

Well, research has shown that men who masturbate tend to have more satisfying sex with their wives. That’s probably because they continue to be in touch with their own body as well as their desires in ways that people who don’t masturbate cannot. It also means that they can fulfill their sexual needs in more ways than their partner would probably be able to, subsequently placing less pressure on their partners in terms of sexual needs and their fulfillment.  How about that for starters?

Pleasuring Themselves

Well, as we all know, masturbation is a way of giving oneself sexual pleasure. You see when sex is involved the focus shifts to the other partner’s needs rather than yours. Masturbation gives married men the chance to focus on their own pleasure. It is also a perfect chance for men to relieve stress (work related or otherwise) quickly or because they are aroused and don’t want to go around the whole sex process with the wife, not in the mood (which often happens by the way).

Great Way To Learn About Their Bodies

This is actually good for both partners. Whichever way you look at it, fapping gives the individual an opportunity to learn about their body which leads to good sex for both wife and hubby. You see, men can use masturbation as a way to control their orgasms which can only mean more sexual pleasure for the woman.

While sometimes it is easy for people to assume that there would be no need to masturbate in a perfect relationship, nothing could be further from the truth. The thing is, good sex begets good sex, in whichever form. It is a fact that many couples actually masturbate together which is indeed very enjoyable. In all honesty, there is no need to feel guilty about it. Masturbation is good for you.

Men Have A Different Sex Drive

It is not uncommon for women to worry that their men are masturbating instead of having sex with them. Well, let me make them understand that men and women have different sex drives. It is easier for a man to get in the mood. A guy may just be working on his computer or simply checking out some sports scores, sees a pop-up ad for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and next thing you know, he’s perusing porn. It is easier for the man to get aroused and get on with the business, especially if the wife is not around or the timing is inappropriate.

The three minutes he will take to jerk off then head straight into the shower is not the best time for you (the wife) to have sex with him. It is a quick way for him to fulfill an orgasm urge without the need for sex. Women are not necessarily interested in more sex, but it is normal for a guy to masturbate and still be interested in sex. There is still room for the man to engage in self-pleasure and simply no detract from the relationship.

Prevents Terrible, Inconvenient Sex

There is nothing women hate more than terrible sex?  What if the man just runs for the wife in the middle of the night? That qualifies for terrible sex. Or when the two of you are trying to get ready for work. Inconvenient sex. The thing is, both of these can be avoided by having a quick fap session. And no, that’s not disregarding the woman’s needs, it is actually saving her from a terrible and inconvenient tryst when he’s looking to hammer as fast as possible. Don’t worry; he’ll still have sex with you later at an appropriate time. Fuck it; he may even last longer.

Sometimes Women Don’t Feel Sexy

In a perfect life where you and your partner have sex at least five times a week, and you are either satisfied or at least contented, then I say it’d be a bit unfair for the man to still think of masturbating on top of that. What if your wife thinks having sex 5-6 times a year counts as satisfactory? Don’t you admit that would make your life miserable?

Sometimes, things that women do in life make them feel unsexy and end up losing the desire for sex. For instance, what if the wife is an exercise holic? After three hours of exercising, I can tell you for free; she won’t be in any mood to fuck. She’ll be feeling dirty and sweaty and all that. Add that to the domestic chores and raising a few kids and you understand why it is left to the man to fulfill his own part of the business.  This is better than cheating, right? That’s what I thought too.


Masturbation is 100% normal and common. Even if it is not that common, what doesn’t work for other people may work for you and your relationship. Men are genetically engineered to spread the gene/seed as much as possible. It is therefore very normal for them to have a higher libido and sex drive compared to the women. As long as it’s not making your wife uncomfortable and you don’t get addicted to the extent of denying her her conjugal rights, why not?

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