Why do men buy amazon wishlist gifts for their favorite pornstars

If you are a thoughtful gentleman who takes time to visit the website of your favorite adult film star, you may have noticed that she has an Amazon Wish List. You must have wondered, does anyone use this thing? Well, someone does. In fact, men like you use it to buy their favorite pornstars something off their Amazon wishlist. That’s why every Pornstar has a link to her public Amazon wishlists on her social media profiles so that you can buy her a gift. There are no limits to how far you can go. There are soaps, hand sanitizer wipes, and cat food to high-end laptops, TVs, and watches. It depends on your budget.

But why would men be willing to go to such lengths? Why buy a gift to a complete stranger, someone whose chances of meeting up are next to impossible? In case you have always wanted to do the same you can visit our top pornstar directories and decide which beautiful pornstar is most deserving.

Fulfil their sexual fantasies

Mostly, pornstars have those Amazon wishlists so that they can use them as a self-branding tool. “Most girls keep [their wishlists] limited to wardrobe and props they intend to wear in some connection with their porn personas,” says Brett Rossi, a pornstar.

Fans, on the other hand, use the pornstar’s wishlist to fulfill their sexual fantasies.  You see, pornstars have some things they would like to enjoy in private, and they hope that their fans will buy the gifts for them. Things like shoes, clothes, lingerie, beauty products, vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, or a sex machine are some of the things you will find on a pornstar, Rahyndee James’ wishlist.

Sometimes fans are lucky to buy their pornstar’s choice of gift, and they get used in a real-life porn set or custom-made clip. This is an absolute turn on for many. For instance, one fan bought a pornstar some lingerie, like the ones she wears in productions. The fan was able to fulfill his fantasy.

Pornstars need those gifts

They may be making quite some good money doing their thing, but pornstars are also normal people who lead normal lives. And how many normal people do you know that do not like gifts? I can count them on a hand with amputated fingers.

To that end, pornstars put things on their wishlist because they actually need them in real life. Pornstar Rossi puts things on her wishlist so fans can buy them for her because she needs them but ‘is too lazy to buy them.’  Most of the things on her wishlist are intended for her public appearances and who better to buy them for her if not her male admirers from all over the world? What an amazing life these pornstars lead.

Creating a connection

What a pornstar puts on her wishlist is purely dependent on her individual needs. It is a bit different for fans though. By buying gifts, it is a way of getting closer without being too close for comfort.

There is also the extra motivation that they might get something nice in return. The more they spend on a star, the higher the chances of getting something nice and personal from the pornstar, for example, in the form of a tweet or Instagram thanking them for the gift.

“I think what fans like about it is it allows them to get the attention of performers without feeling like they’re buying it with direct cash,” says Kross, “It feels less transactional by a slight degree.”

For adult performers, wish -lists are a way of promoting the fantasies they sell while saving both time and money in the process. For the fans, it is a special way of connecting with a favorite pornstar without getting too close to the point of stalking. It’s not so hard to get a restraining order, you know.

It is like tipping

Different men have different motives for buying gifts for their favorite adult performers. When it comes down to it, it is just like tipping a dancer in a strip club. According to one performer, “I think people want to spoil porn stars because they’re doing something for their enjoyment,” she said. “It perpetuates the dream that she could be mine if I buy her enough stuff.”

That is not what she thinks, but rather what she thinks drives men. And she may well be right. There is a reason men only gift adult entertainment stars, as opposed to Hollywood actors, professional athletes or elected officials. It is because men can relate to what pornstars do as opposed to another kind of entertainers. As long as they continue entertaining men in that sense, those gifts will keep coming.

Things can go wrong

It is not all smooth sailing for gifters. For example, those who live in a community property state cannot legally claim any gift they buy for pornstars unless the wife agrees. On a scale of 1-10, how does that suck?

There is also the issue of getting a late ‘thank you’ reply or no response at all, which can be a bit annoying. Some random guy was so pissed off that he bought a $200 gift for his favorite pornstar only to get a message of gratitude a whole 30 days later. I think he had a different conversation planned out in his head. One that probably included her being so grateful that she fell in love with him and offered to fuck him every day. You can then imagine his anger when that gratitude took a whole month! He was probably expecting something like “Oh my! You dropped $200 on me, suddenly I find you very attractive and want to give up my life as a pornstar so that I can dedicate my vagina to you.” He was probably seething about it the whole month.


Those are some of the reasons why men gift their favorite adult performers. A word of caution for men though, a gift is just that – a gift. There’s no quid pro quo involved. Don’t rush to buy an expensive gift for an adult performer expecting something in return. That would be pushing the boundaries a bit too far and you might end up getting disappointed.

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