Why do women in their forties have the most multiple orgasms?

Multiple orgasms are, just like the term suggests, more than one orgasm in a row and happening with continued stimulation. Contrary to popular belief, getting older doesn’t mean it’s hard for you to orgasm. In fact, research has shown that women actually orgasm better and more frequently with age. The studies also show that women in their 40s-50s had an orgasm the last time they had sex. Really interesting!

So, is it true that sex becomes better with age as far as women are concerned? Why is it that women beyond their 40s have multiple orgasms while their younger counterparts are unable to? Is it all about the experience, renewed confidence in their sexuality, extramarital affairs, or just hormones? ThePornDude helps you discover why:


Apparently, hormones have a significant role to play. One of the reasons that women in their 40s have increased sexual drive is the rise of testosterone hormone. This hormone is mistakenly thought to be a male hormone, but women also produce it once they reach puberty. One of its main effects is boosting sexual desire. Because the hormone is powerful, women produce another hormone- sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) – to help counter its effects.

The levels of SHBG are dictated by estrogen, whose levels fall as a woman approaches menopause. The result? Increased testosterone levels which in turn mean a higher sexual desire. It’s a perfect platform for a woman to reach multiple orgasms.

Less anxiety about pregnancy

Another factor that highly contributes to the increased sexual drive with women in their 40s is the reduced anxiety about getting pregnant. As one woman puts it, ‘today we can say that sex is better when you are older because of experience, independence, relief from the risk of pregnancy and, frankly, my dear, just not giving a damn.’  That part about not giving a damn means a woman in her 40s has less to worry about getting pregnant, and she can focus more on her sexual pleasure thereby increasing her chances of achieving multiple orgasms.

Having a long-term partner

Many people think that having a long-term partner only leads to an icier sexual relationship. Well, you will be surprised that regarding sex, things can get even spicier for a woman as far as orgasms are concerned.  Women in their 40s and beyond are less self-conscious, relaxed, and overall more comfortable with someone they’ve been together for long as that person knows them inside out. This raises their self-esteem and easily turns their sexual experience into a pleasurable one, increasing their chances of achieving orgasm. The trust and intimacy that most women experience in having a long-term partner can help improve sexual confidence as well. While the thought of a long-term relationship may sound dull compared to one night stands of your 20s, the more satisfying sex happens in a long-term relationship. Sex at that age is more in-depth than has nothing of the franticness associated with youth.

More confident

Sex becomes better with age, especially for women, because they tend to be more confident about themselves. As you may well know, sex in your 20s is all about experimentation. It’s all about trying those new moves you saw in porn videos and wherever, which can get awkward as fuck by the way. But at the 40s, you’ve been there, done that. Women tend to become more aware of who they are, have usually come to terms with their body image insecurities, and are likely to have less performance anxiety. All those make a perfect recipe for multiple orgasms.

Sense of adventure

Women in their 40s are understandably more adventurous, and something brought about by the increased confidence. At that age, most women know what they want and are unafraid to ask for it. They know their favorite positions, how long it takes to arouse them etc. and as they get older, they report higher rates of sexual satisfaction.

Sex at the 20s is a profound mystery, and there are no explanations. It’s just sex for the sake of it. As people grow older, sex takes a deeper meaning, and everyone puts effort into it. While it’s true that with age things inevitably slowdown in terms the frequency of sex, it is more satisfying and allows women to concentrate on the pleasure, which means there is every chance of reaching orgasm.

Don’t get me wrong. Once you are in your 40s, the three time a night romps are gone. But it appears sex takes a more sensual approach and is more satisfying if the confessions by women over 40 are anything to go by.

Final word

You see, there is a general misconception that sex belongs to young people and the thought of older people having sex is sneered at. However, it appears that sex remains an essential part of our lives, even past our 40s and women report a higher satisfaction rate as a result of all the above factors and other medical factors you might need to consult your doctor about. With that in mind, perhaps it’s not that bad to be in your 40s after all!

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