Why Everyone Loves Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper is a pornstar it girl. Everyone loves her and if you take one look at her, you will definitely see why. I know I practically fell in love, or maybe it was lust, when I first laid eyes on her! The cutie is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 114 pounds. Her body measurements of 34C-24-36 make her luscious and desirable. She started in the porn biz back in 2012 when she was around 21 years old. For me the thing that makes me love her is that her face is just so cute and sweet looking, but her body does the nastiest things in porn movies.

She got her start in the porn industry because she was working at a country club and someone told her she could be successful by webcamming. Then when she was camming someone told her she could be even more successful by doing porn. So she tried it! And she loved it! In interviews Ms. Harper has a sweet candidness that makes me like her even more. She explained to MMD that she is really close with her dad, but he doesn’t support her decision to be in porn. She finds it sad, but she is happy that the community supports her and that she is able to have so many amazing experiences in the industry.

In “real” life, Dillion claims to be shy and quiet, but when you see her in interviews she appears to be outgoing and peppy. She told one interviewer that this is because she sees Dillion as playing more of a character that is similar to herself, which helps her to be more outgoing. Everyone loves Dillion because of this personality which is very down to earth, and her genuine smile which seems like it could belong to the girl down the street from you!

When she’s not shooting, Ms. Harper likes to go out to the clubs, not to get her party on but just to let her hair down and dance away all of her stress. Otherwise she also enjoys the great outdoors and if she has a day off she goes outside, even if it’s just to take a walk, though she might prefer to get out of town for a rugged hike.

One thing I read about Dillion that almost made me jizz my pants then and there is that she doesn’t like to get her ass fucked (she’s only done one anal film to date) but she does like a guy to lick her and give her a rimjob. Imagine sweet and cute Dillion have her ass licked like a nasty slut. I can only dream. Dillion is one of my favorite sweethearts and hopefully she is one of yours too.

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