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Why I don’t Cover Hollywood Gossip & No Gina Lynn Boxing Match?


First this boxing match was scheduled- (Porn Star) Gina Lynn vs (Jon Gosslyn’s ex-girlfriend) Hailey Glass to be referee’d by (Jesse James “mistress” ) Michelle “Bombshell” McGee- sounds like an interesting match.

But the tabloids are reporting that Hailey dropped out because she is Jewish and “Bombshell” is rumored to have nazi tats and appeared in a nazi mag spread. Hailey does have standards!

So Kate Major ( Lindsay Lohan’s father’s fiancee) is to take Hailey’s place in the match.

BUT NOW there is a problem, the guy who sets up all these “celeb” matches, Damon Feldman, has been charged with, among other things, fixing matches. NO! Yes! Those boxing matches are not for real, they are just for entertainment. And according to ABC News the promoter has acknowledged that sometimes the winners are determined in advance.

“It’s to the point where there’s no chance of anybody getting really hurt. It’s entertainment,” Feldman said. “Everyone’s told, and they have to sign a paper beforehand, knowing they have to do it as entertainment or we can’t let them do the matches. The worst thing that ever happened at my events was a bloody nose.”

DAMN! Does this mean that the WWE is fake also?

LAST MINUTE UPDATE! Michael Lohan has told RadarOnline that he won’t let his fiancee be in the match because the celebrity boxing promoter staging the bout was charged with fixing fights and not having a license. ( so? you mean Michael wanted them to REALLY fight? or was the lack of licensing the problem?)

Now you know why I cover PORN gossip. This Hollywood stuff is too draining….  lol

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