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Why is it…

… that the people who consume the most time on this and other adult industry gossip sites are also the ones who generate the least revenue for their colleagues. KSEX Radio? Prime Time Uncensored? Come on, even Sirius and XM can’t make a nickel’s profit, but these knuckleheads are gonna create a business model out of thin air? Fat chance.

And don’t get me started on the small collection of people who are constantly the topic of the day over at It just keeps me coming back to something I’ve said many times: the less we hear your voice in this business, the more money you are making.

Hank Rose writes:

Not only is Lockwood right. But the so-called “pros” and “throws” should be weeded out of the biz entirely. For the laywoman porn grind is actually too good for them. If a smut slut can’t emote, evoke desire or show that she likes what she’s doing, then she does not belong in the erotic realm. At best she is a career manhole; at worst she is a gash for cash or lay for pay and should either work the streets or escort. And save the real porn work for hot ecstasy girls who like sex and aim to please!

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