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Why Is This Site Named Luke is back?

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It’s funny & proves how long I’ve been around the industry, that it just seems natural that I , Cindi Loftus, run Doesn’t occur to me that there needs to be an explanation as to why a female named Cindi runs a site with a guy’s name, Luke,  on it. And who is Luke that came back?  I have been asked by many to explain this whole situation. So here goes, don’t expect the timeline/dates to be perfect, the short version…

 In 1995, Luke Ford started out wanting to write a book about the history of porn. He introduced himself to various industry people and ended up on porn sets. He was (is) a religious person, who was conflicted about his new subject matter, but he got drawn in, and became friendly with some of the players. He worked on his book and in 1997 started a site called where he talked about people he met in the adult business. His site became the GO TO one for porn gossip.

Luke was very prolific and interviewed everyone he could. He also took bad pictures of the stars at events, they were so awful that his photography skills became known as “the Camera of Death.”  ( My readers miss this feature to this day)

Luke told many important stories, but also tended to tell some that weren’t quite true. He got sued several times. His most important “tell” was in 1998, when Luke broke the  Marc Wallace/HIV+ story. Seems several porn actresses were now infected too.

Luke Ford put out his book “The History of X ” in 1999.

In 2001 Luke sold and left the adult business. He started, ( that he still runs), where he talks about his religious faith, among other things.

Luke didn’t stay away long, one year later he was back running  This site was popular quickly, but Luke always talked about how he felt about porn (badly), and his site had a depressing edge to it, that, along with his outragious commenters kept readers coming back.

Luke sold this site a couple of different times. The buyers defaulted & Luke returned. In June 2008, Luke sold the site again (with undisclosed terms). Now his long time friend, Cindi Loftus was in charge & she has been running it ever since.




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