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Why Performers Escort

Moxie writes on XPT:

Here’s a case study on why performers escort. has a glowing review of Ava Devine who recently lost 30 pounds (hmm) and was a trouper through a six hour shoot.If I’m getting any of this wrong feel free to correct me. But Avas rate is probally in the range of 750 a scene. Take out her agents cut and taxes and assume two hours for prep and travel and Ava pockets a cool 68 dollars an hour. Street walkers do better.

If you think whores don’t know economics, I take it you have never been to a strip club.

It’s all about the money. $63 an hour for gonzo or $1500 an hour for ESCORTING. Keep in mind that in demand girls only book 2-3 hour appointments. So they are making $3K plus a day easy.

One way for an escort to protect herself is to book only at reputable hotels. Post 9-11 I challenge you to book a room at the W without a credit card. And smile for all the security cameras. If you want to get away with a homocide, a hotel is the last place to do it.

Not to purposely touch a sore subject, but they also work in a condom only environment.

They also don’t need to do the extreme acts now required in gonzo and work with normal sized phalluses. And no one is taking pictures of you being degraded.

But this post is only about the financial motives, which are huge as opposed to porn. There are pros and cons to everything. But getting paid for a three hour dinner date for all three hours even though your only having sex for 1 1/2 must seem nice.

As for bare back full service (BBFS) I can only tell you from the girls I’ve met, that they are very safety conscious. Keep in mind the clients are high rollers and have their own safety concerns as well. I wouldn’t doubt BBFS could happen with a long term regular client though.

Whore writes: “Most will do it if you have an AIM test. Just ask “Fast Eddie aka Edward Stewart” on this board. He owns some Monkey production company which is a front for him to write off his expenses on hookers.”

JamesN writes: “I tried making that point about every decent hotel in america being an extremely challenging place to kill someone these days.”

Conky posts:

I’d say that around 90% of the industry girls I know who escort on the side enjoy it less than performing in films, despite the financial advantages.

A lot of the girls are attention whores and need a roomful of people praising or watching them. Then there are the clients. Some of the stories I’ve been told would curl your toes. Yes, big money changes hands, but most of these chicks would rather rim De’Bella in their parents’ lounge than revisit the experiences.

Hooking is good money, but in porn you get to hang out with your friends, have a giggle and not have to ‘act nice’ to anyone in particular.

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