Why period sex is the best sex for women

For many women (and men), having sex when she is on her periods is strictly a NO! Even the very thought of it is disgusting to many, and some women can’t stand the sight of his fingers bloody red after being frisky. The thing is, ThePornDude cannot tell you what to do, but if you typed any variation of ‘is period sex good,’ it means you are looking for input. And now to answer your question: have period sex dammit. If you had your doubts, they are about to be dispelled, and I suggest you stick around long enough for that.

You SHOULD have period sex

Ooh, but it is going to be messy. Shut the fuck up. Sex is always a little messy. But you know period sex should be full of blood which is gross to even think about. Wrong again, sucker. Your bed will not be looking like a crime scene that someone forgot to clean up. You see, the average period blood is about one and a half ounces. A heavy period should not exceed three ounces. And that’s over the course of three days we are talking about. Actually, there may not be any blood at all. Seriously. I only think white sheets are not such a great idea.

And why are your eyebrows suddenly pricking up in interest? Could it be because of the following reasons:

It feels better

During that time of the month, a women’s undercarriage is, for lack of a better way to say it, filled with blood. Well, the blood circulation can make the clitoris and labia more sensitive and therefore more responsive. Not only do women experience a hormonal surge that often improves libido, but they are also more aware of their vagina because it is, you know, leaking. This makes it fuller and certainly more lubricated. All these factors should make a vagina perfectly primed for sex, should its owner feel the inclination to do so.

Relief from cramps

And that’s far from the only compelling reason why period sex should feel better. According to sex experts, orgasms can help alleviate menstrual pains and shorten the length of your period. Orgasms cause what medical practitioners refer to as uterine contractions, which helps the uterus in shedding its lining as well as flushing out chemicals responsible for menstrual cramps. Just thought you should know.

Less pregnancy risk

A decreased risk of pregnancy is enough to turn a woman on. Check this out ladies; is the fear of getting pregnant holding you back? Well, having sex while on your periods drastically diminishes your chances of becoming pregnant. However, you should be warned that it’s not 100% foolproof because sperms can live inside a woman’s body for 72 hours. If it’s the last day of your cycle, use protection. Also, there is the small issue of STIs, which your periods will not protect you against.

Extra lubrication

Some women are naturally dry and have a problem providing enough lubrication, turning to lube as an alternative. The good news is, period sex will not require lube. And don’t come to me with that ‘oh but there is blood’ again. You may be bleeding during your menses, but most of the debris is actually the shedding of your uterine lining as opposed to just blood. The overpowering color may be red, which gives an impression that there is much more blood than there really is. Try to think of it as extra lubrication instead.

It’s not as gross as you think

A study has shown that anyone who has been in the heat of the moment during their period cared about nothing else but sex. Arousal overrides anything else, including the natural disgust response.  What this means is, the moment you start the romp, the last thing on your mind will be the fact that you are on your periods. You will be too busy enjoying yourself in the next few minutes to care anyway.

Greater intimacy

Are you willing to open your floodgates and get in the sheets when on your periods? Very well. You will be opening an avenue for even deeper intimacy. The thing is, no one is willing to have period sex with every Tom Dick and Harry. When you do have period sex, it’s with someone you are already intimate with, and that takes it a notch or two higher. Overcoming the mess and breaking the barriers is a perfect way for a couple to feel even closer together.

Everyone is doing it

People just don’t like talking about some hot, fantastic period sex. But make no mistake, they are doing it.  And enjoying it, I must add. Well, if you still don’t like the idea, it’s not my duty to convince you to otherwise. But if shame and embarrassment are the only things standing in your way, take this as my permission to go forth get sensual. You won’t be the only one and either way, you don’t let your periods get in the way of anything, do you?

Use the following tips to make your experience less messy and more comfortable:

  • Talk it out with your partner and let them know how you feel.
  • Remove your tampon if you have any before you even think of fooling around.
  • Stay away from white fucking sheets. Or better yet, do it in the shower and avoid any mess.
  • Keep some clan wet wipes ready for cleaning afterward.
  • Have your partner wear a condom if the thought of a red penis scares the shit out of you.


You will actually be shocked to find period sex is better than anything you thought you had experienced before. Thank me later.

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