Why Read Celebrity Blogs?

You may have noticed that on my site I have a listing of celebrity blogs. You may be wondering why the heck I have even included that, and wondering what that has to do with pornography. There are many reasons why you, as a porn fan, would want to look at celebrity gossip sites, and let me lay them out for you.

First of all, celebrities are really damn hot. Have you seen a hottie like Kim Kardashian or any of her sisters, Chrissy Teigan or Katy Perry? They are nice to look at. Celebrity blogs are completely filled with sexy babes like that. Some celebrities have even been in a sex tape so seeing their curves barely contained in clothing can bring back memories of those porn movies.

Through celebrity gossip blogs you can find out where to follow hot cuties on social media which will fill your feeds with even more sexy selfies, belfies (butt selfies) and insider looks into a curvaceous babe’s life. You can get to know all about the private lives of your favorite stars through these blogs, although some people consider the information contained within them to be slightly unreliable, it just adds to the fantasy if you are always closing your eyes to think about a sweet celeb when you jerk off.

However, one thing that is even better than reading celebrity blogs is to look at celebrity based porn sites. That’s right, there are porn sites that feature celebs. One of them is called Mr. Skin and it is a collection of all the nude and sexy scenes of movies that you have probably stopped, rewinded and watched over and over again. Why scour each film when you could just find them all in one place?

Another favorite celebrity porn site is the Vivid Celeb site. It’s where all the sex tapes that they release or make are kept and distributed. You can see the original ones that made some people famous like the one with Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee, or the one with Kim Kardashian which started her career. Of course there are newer ones like the ones with MILF Farrah Abraham that will set you ablaze. Seeing celebrities fucking is pretty exhilarating just because it’s something you never thought you would get to see for real. That’s why people are so fascinated with them.

Finally, another favorite is the site Celebs Uncensored. It’s a collection of all the naughty photos that have come out into the world of celebrities. The site has anyone from Selena Gomez chatting on the phone in her bikini to Miley Cyrus and all her nudist proclivities (you actually don’t even have to look at a porn site to see her nude for the most part!)

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