Why So Many People Prefer Live Cams

There has been a shift in avid porn watchers, especially in the past few years. More and more people have been watching live cams, as opposed to pre-recorded porn movies that are available either for download or through a membership to a porn site. It’s clear that more people have come to favor live cam shows over static porn movies, but why is that? There are quite a few reasons, which might even sway you to try it if you haven’t experienced the magic that is a cam show before.

First of all, cam shows are fully interactive, and as technology progresses, viewers only get more control over the performance. When you watch a cam show, you get to interact live with a cutie or a couple. You can type to them in the chat box of the window, and some cam services even offer cam to cam which means she would be able to see you too. As of right now, there are already a few sex toys which you can control through the cam show, by tipping your favorite cam star or taking her to private and getting a certain amount of time with which she will hand over the controls to her vibrator. The people who have started to favor live cam shows over static porn videos really enjoy this ability to direct the show.

Cam sites have different levels of control you can have over your favorite cam star. In public chat, which is sometimes free on a lot of cam sites, the girls operate on a tipping basis. So, there’s a chance that you can see some nasty stuff for free, if there is a generous guy in the room who wants to see something hot. If you want to have a cam girl all to yourself to get exactly what you want, then you’d want to take her to private. This is where you’ll be able to exact all of your control and get a beautiful honey all to yourself. Some sites have other options, like a voyeur mode where you can peek in on other private sessions, and group shows where anyone who has tipped a certain amount will get to see the dirty deeds about to happen.

Camming is great because viewers can actually interactive with a real, live person. You can get to know a pornstar, a MILF or a girl next door, which is a lot different than more traditional porn where the stars remain a mystery. Some people treat camming a little like dating – except that you never get to meet the person! They have a favorite girl they always go back to, and make her happy with lots of gifts and tips, as they get to know her likes and dislikes. The point is, that you can build real relationships when you keep coming back for more.

These are just a few of the reasons why people have come to prefer watching live cam shows. To find out all of the benefits you’ll just have to check out some live cam models on sites I’ve picked out for my viewers!

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