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Why Stormy was Arrested- Police Report

I read the police report written by Officer Smilth, here is my take-

Cops arrived and separated Stormy & Moz.
Moz was calm and friendly, had no physical injuries.
Stormy was very angry and crying and had no physical injuries. She was read her rights.
Officer observed broken plate, candles with broken glass on the floor.

Moz wrote a statement and signed it. Here is an abbreviated version-
Moz has been married to Stormy for 2 years. Moz’s father had been over to the house earlier and did the laundry for them. Stormy was upset about the way the laundry had been done. She got more upset when she opened the mail and found that some of the bills were not paid. She threw a potted plant at the kitchen sink, then hit Moz on the head several times. Then she walked in to the living room threw their wedding album onto the floor and knocked candles over, breaking their glass shades. Moz did not hit her and she was not injured.

Stormy refused to write a statement or sign one, saying she paid lawyers a lot of money and they told her never to sign anything.

Stormy was handcuffed and transported to booking.

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