Why you shouldn’t fake your orgasm

If you are a constant user of the internet, then you must have come across one fact; that women DO fake orgasms. Some women complain that they are sometimes forced to fake it for different reasons. Sometimes it is because they don’t want to hurt their partner’s ego, perhaps they know orgasm land is as far away as Timbuktu, and they figure ‘why not fake it?’ In this age where people are genuine and authentic about their sexual feelings, faking an orgasm is the last thing someone should do. It’s doing a great disservice to both their partners and themselves. The Porn Dude looks at why faking an orgasm has no place in 2018.

It is lying

Let’s face it; no grown-up wants to be lied to, least of all by their sexual partner. It feels like a betrayal. You see, if you can’t talk openly about sex with your partner, then you shouldn’t be having it.  Some women don’t realize that that fake groan here and a little phony moan there is a big deal. Physical intimacy is an essential aspect of a relationship, so why not be honest about it? Lying creates an emotional distance between partners and the more you fake that ‘0’, the more emotionally distant you will feel. The only lying that a woman should do is on her back, stomach, side… I know you get the point.

He will repeat the same moves

Here is another reason why faking an orgasm is not to anyone’s benefit; he’ll think he got you on cloud nine and will keep repeating the same moves, unsatisfactory as they may be. Men derive pleasure from satisfying their women’s wants and needs, and if he gets the idea that he is doing that, he won’t stop. How does a lifetime of mediocre sex sound for you? Not great, right? That’s what I thought.

Being honest is not a turn off

Statistics show that only 30% of sexually active women have ever achieved an orgasm. It is that elusive. With that in mind, the lack of an orgasm doesn’t necessarily mean the sex was bad; it only means you didn’t climax which means you either have to keep trying or try a different method altogether. And how is your man supposed to know that if you faked it? The truth is not always a turn-off, being honest could be the difference between mind-blowing sex and mediocre sex. If your man knows you didn’t climax, you might get that extra attention which might mean him spending more time at the south of your border. Not bad at all, is it?

You are lying to yourself

Ultimately, by faking an orgasm, you are only lying to yourself.  Your partner will be leaving the bed with the impression that he satisfied you. You, on the other hand, will be left feeling unsatisfied, and your partner will not be aware. Who is fooling who? By the end of the day, women have sexual needs too and why should you satisfy his needs and be left wishing for more? He expects to leave that bed with his urges satisfied, and it should be the same case for you. Why should it be a problem to ask?

Could lead to hurt feelings

As you know, you can’t fake it forever. How about that time when you can’t fake it any longer? You will have to let your partner know how you have been feeling and that will certainly hurt his feelings. You should put in mind that your partner’s feelings are as important as yours and trust me, no man wants to deal with a lying bitch. He will be madder if he realizes you have been faking it all along, and nowadays men can tell between a real orgasm and a fake one. Unless you are planning to fake it forever, there are zero pros of faking that ‘O.’

It’s a fake boost to his ego

You may think you are boosting his ego and sparing his feelings by pretending to cum, but fake it till you make it is not applicable here. The truth always has a way of coming out, and how do you think your partner will feel when he realizes that all this time you have been lying about your pleasure? That will not boost his ego one bit. This could actually destroy the memories and hurt his self-esteem in bed forever. That could spell the beginning of the end of your relationship.

Sex won’t get better

Orgasms can be hard to achieve, even with a regular partner. Sometimes you are tired, and you don’t feel particularly turned on, The Porn Dude suggests you let him know and set the standards beforehand instead of going through the painstaking process of faking an orgasm. Sex is supposed to go both ways, so why do you agree to end it without a big finish? If your partner doesn’t know something is wrong in the first place, the sex will not miraculously get better. Tell him the disappointing secret so the two of you can work ways for you to get a genuine orgasm.


Both partners deserve to enjoy sex and faking it is NOT a convenient alternative. It has never been. If anything, you will be prioritizing his pleasure over your own which will only make you miserable. Most men will not mind going the extra mile to satisfy your sexual needs so why settle for half the journey when you can go all the way? You are apparently not doing yourself any favors by faking it.

Good luck having REAL mind shattering orgasms.

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